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You're not alone because we're in this together!!

Hey, Warrior. There’s no reason to face your struggles alone. We see you — you’re looking for something bigger. Our community is built for you! Welcome to your first step toward a life of peace with the help of the revolutionary URAWARRIOR mental wellness app and community. This is a safe and inclusive space where no one is alone. Here, you matter. Bullying, trolling, negativity, and bigotry are never tolerated. Inspiration, encouragement and empowerment are EVERYTHING!

Founded by a Black woman and created by a diverse team, URAWARRIOR celebrates differences and embraces all walks of life. You are invited to join us on this journey as we remove the stigma around mental illness, heal and live our lives to the fullest!

What makes us different?

A positive community where no bullying, no trollying & no negativity isn’t tolerated.


Warrior Coach

Find your inner Warrior and let it shine. Our passionate virtual coaches will help get you where you want to go through their daily motivational quotes or accountability steps. Learn how to be patient with yourself, accept yourself, and achieve inner growth and peace. We know you can do this and, soon, you'll believe it too.


Warrior Wall

You have a story to tell, and we want to hear it. Find your Warrior family, get healing support from friends, and grow together through community affirmations, meditation, affirmations and more community activities.


Warrior Group

Talk with other members of the Warrior community and build your tribe for friendship, accountability, and growth. Find your fit among Improve Your Happiness, Frontline Workers, Addiction, Depression, Black Men, College Stresses, and so many other groups. Your Warrior family is here.


Warrior Challenges

Be uplifted, inspired, and empowered by the community that surrounds you. Share, learn, and grow on your journey to becoming your best, healthiest self. It takes 21 days to create a regular practice and 90 days to make that practice part of your everyday lifestyle. Your path starts here with our Urawarrior challenges.

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Sign up now for our pre-launch VIP Access! Our pre-launch VIP Access includes 6 months of premium access for free!!

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We will take you from where you are to where you want to be so you won’t suffer in silence. We are all WARRIORS.